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Mysterious "water of life" vanishes? (militaries on alert)

Dear Reader,

Below is a satellite photo of the Himalayan Mountains.

The area marked in red is where a mysterious discovery known as "the water of life" has been found.

And it now threatens to send the world spiraling into chaos.

If you look closer at this shocking footage
– you’ll see that there are now 150 manned posts and 6,000 troops guarding "the water of life" inside this small zone.

Here’s why…

Look at this satellite photo just a little down stream.

The "water of life" is vanishing.

And it could be the spark that the U.S. Intelligence Community warns could start a nuclear war at any moment.

Because of this frightening situation
, 650,000 soldiers have been called into action across multiple nations.

And President Obama has admitted that "billions of dollars have been spent on an arms race in response.

It’s critical you understand what’s quickly developing.

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Dr. Kent Moors
Advisor to 27 World Governments and U.S. Intelligence Community
3-Time Recipient of President’s Distinguished Service Award

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