My earlier articles have outlined many unique instruction routines and strategies to maximize muscle mass size and energy utilizing the Strike, or Substantial Depth Protocol. This article continues that with a concentration on outlining some of the many various Strike Variables or strategies available.

The next is a partial description:

Cheat Reps

Soon after completing a established to failure utilizing very good variety, cheat the pounds ample to full supplemental beneficial reps. This will allow you to go previous momentary muscular failure. It is very vital to use perfect variety for the duration of the preliminary reps and only use the dishonest method after that to full the added reps.

This method should really only be applied by experienced trainees as too substantially dishonest will defeat the function of instruction the muscle mass and could quickly direct to a significant injuries. This is a very effective variable to use if instruction devoid of a partner. A very good training to use this with is barbell or dumbbell curls.

Eclectic Set

This method emphasizes an exercise’s most complicated zones jointly with a focusing on of the much easier zones to make the instruction of people parts a lot more intensive than what it generally would be.

An example utilizing the bench push is as follows:

• Slowly but surely reduced the bar to the bottom posture, then full a few bottom partial reps consisting of one particular-third assortment of motion.

• Soon after the third partial repetition, continue being at the bottom posture for two-seconds with the bar evenly touching, but not resting on the chest.

• Continue to raise the bar halting at the halfway stage for a 3-five next static maintain, then carry on for a few mid-assortment partials doing the job the center third of the motion.

• Up coming transfer all the way to the top but do not lock the elbows. At that stage perform 3 top partials, doing the job the top one particular-third of the motion.

• Move forward back down to the mid-stage of the motion and maintain the pounds for yet another 3-five next static maintain right before lowering the pounds back to the bottom to repeat the sequence.

The Tut (time under pressure) should really be about thirty seconds utilizing a easy motion with no momentum and can be recurring one-3 instances. A full repetition might be interspersed between sequences.

This pattern is only one particular of many possible patterns. Eclectic Sets can be modified in design each and every work out, to match personal objectives.

You will be most productive with this method if new patterns are integrated on a regular basis. Use eclectic sets for temporary durations, alternating with full assortment repetition do the job.

The “straightforward” zone, towards the top of the motion should really be saved for past, when the muscle mass are currently relatively weary. The pre-exhaustion at the bottom assortment serves to make the center assortment do the job a lot more complicated, exactly where leverage is greater. This will make the top assortment do the job a lot more complicated than normal, exactly where leverage is best.

Detrimental accentuated reps

With this method you perform a beneficial rep followed by a gradual detrimental or a two-arm beneficial followed by a one particular arm detrimental rep.

Soon after lifting a pounds alternate focusing the complete resistance between arms, lowering with the left facet initially and then the appropriate facet. Decrease the pounds to a rely of eight on all reps. Utilizing the Leg Push as an example perform the training in the next way.

Push the footplate of the equipment to the stage just prior to lockout utilizing the electric power of both of those legs. Decrease the plate to the get started posture inserting all of the resistance exertion on your left leg. Push to the stop posture once again with both of those legs and resist the plate back to the get started posture with your appropriate leg only. This method enables you to correctly use the detrimental part of the rep to do the job your muscle mass substantially harder than you generally would be capable to.

Detrimental only reps

Carry out the detrimental section of a motion devoid of the beneficial. Have a instruction partner raise the pounds into the finished beneficial posture. Decrease the pounds back to the starting of the motion by oneself to a rely of eight. The established is full when you are no for a longer time capable to reduced the pounds under management. When this occurs stop the established straight away thanks to safety considerations. You will be capable to use a pounds that is forty% heavier than the pounds you generally use in an training.

Science has demonstrated that the detrimental part of an training is the most successful thanks to the higher amount of micro trauma that it inflicts on the muscle’s fibers. The motive you are capable to use a lot more pounds for the duration of the detrimental is your muscle mass is capable to resist the downward motion by friction of the muscle’s fibers from one particular yet another relatively than possessing to raise the pounds as it does for the duration of the lifting period of an training.

Forced Detrimental Reps

Full a detrimental rep whilst your instruction partner provides supplemental resistance with his/her fingers to make the detrimental harder. Your partner needs to be very careful to incorporate resistance to the barbell or equipment motion arm in a easy, non-jerky trend. Do the beneficial part in the regular trend.

An example is a barbell curl finished in the next way: Curl the bar up to the top posture. As you reduced the bar your partner presses down on the bar for the complete detrimental rep, incorporating just ample added resistance to make management of the lowering very challenging. Your partner gets rid of his/her hand as you curl the bar up. Repeat for the ideal rep rely.

A different variation is to use it with pure detrimental reps. Utilizing the barbell curl as an example, have your partner raise the bar to the top posture. As you reduced the bar your partner provides resistance in the trend above.

Drop Sets

This is a good method to immediately exhaust your muscle mass by undertaking many compact “mini-sets” as a component of one particular significant established. To do this, perform a established to failure then minimize the pounds straight away and perform a lot more reps to failure. Reduce the pounds and perform a lot more reps to failure and so on for five mini sets. The five mini sets represent one particular established.

An example is the equipment push finished in the next way. Do a 10 rep established to failure. Return the pounds to the stack, get the pin and minimize the pounds twenty five%. Push the bar for yet another five-8 reps to failure, then return the pounds to the stack. Reduce the pounds yet another twenty five%, then repeat for a whole of five mini-sets.

Fiber Sweep Triple Drop Sets

This variety of triple fall established operates a few unique methods.

For the initially established of the fall use a very significant pounds (about 85-90% 1RM) and do two to 3 reps with it. This will do the job on muscle mass and tendon energy and builds the Myofibril part of the muscle mass, which is mostly dependable for the energy of a muscle mass.

For the next fall use a pounds that enables 8 to 10 reps to failure. This builds muscle mass mass and energy.

For the third fall use a light pounds and do 10 to 12 reps to failure. This improves the Sarcoplasm, or the power fluid in just the muscle mass. Because the Sarcoplasm is dependable for the the vast majority of a muscle’s size, this is very effective at developing muscle mass size.


one. Use a resistance that enables you to do 10-12 repetitions but perform only 50 % people repetitions.

two. Relaxation 10 seconds.

3. Continue methods one and two until achieving muscular failure (which frequently takes place by the third or fourth miniset).

4. Optional: Continue the method by undertaking sets of 6-8 repetitions until no for a longer time capable to do so then carry on with sets of 4-6 repetitions, two-3 reps then complete with one repetition makes an attempt.

This will issue your muscle mass for a greater repetition thanks to the cumulative higher rep rely, and is an exceptional variable if you uncover it complicated to “sense” a muscle mass do the job challenging.


These are generally finished in the stretched or thoroughly contracted positions. They are compact, rapid actions at the stop of a established to complete off the muscle mass.

Soon after coming to failure in a established immediately transfer the pounds in rapid, pulsing actions until unable to transfer the pounds at all. The actions will be short, only two-4 inches in size.


Coach a muscle mass with an isolation training to failure followed straight away by a compound joint training to failure. A good example of this variable is to coach the chest with the Pek Dek or dumbbell flyes to failure, then do a established of Incline or Flat Bench Presses to failure.

The workout routines should be performed with unquestionably no rest in between or your muscle mass will have time to recuperate and you will get rid of most of the reward. The motive why this method is so effective is that you exhaust your Pecs with the Pek Dek, then use your Triceps Muscular tissues, which are refreshing as they have not been applied in the Pek Dek motion, to press your Pecs previous failure with the Bench Push.

Double Pre-Exhaustion

This is finished by undertaking two isolation workout routines followed by a compound training. An example is: Barbell Curls- one established of 10 reps, Dumbbell Concentration Curls- one established of 8 reps, Cable Pull-downs Palms-Dealing with- one established of 12 reps.

Do all workout routines with no rest between them in any other case you will get rid of a significant amount of the reward of this protocol.

This variety of pre-exhaustion utilizes two isolation workout routines to maximize the inroading of the muscle mass above and above what the one pre-exhaust does, building it a lot more effective.

Reverse Pre-Exhaustion

Carry out a compound training followed by an isolation training. Sets can be performed in the regular “to failure” design and style or the next with no rest between workout routines:

For Biceps:

Particularly gradual chinup-one rep only-thirty/thirty cadence (thirty next pull-up and thirty next lowering period)

Bicep curl-normal established to failure utilizing 8 reps beneficial and detrimental- two/4 cadence.

For Triceps:

Particularly gradual dip-thirty/thirty cadence performed in the same trend as the pull-up above

Seated triceps extension-normal to failure established consisting of 10 reps.

Be aware: The chin-up and dip sets can also be finished in the next way:

Dip-Start with a thirty next detrimental followed by a thirty next beneficial then thirty next detrimental.

Chin-up-commence with a thirty next detrimental then a thirty next beneficial followed by a thirty next detrimental. These should really be finished as a one one particular and a 50 % rep and are incredibly challenging to perform as they are very taxing on the muscle mass.

Double Reverse Pre-Exhaustion

Carry out a compound training followed by two isolation workout routines. This enables you to use maximal pounds with the compound training for energy and common size maximize and stick to that with two isolation workout routines to confine the exertion to the key muscle mass being properly trained and comprehensively exhaust it. A good work out with this method is:

Bench push- one established of 8 reps

Cable crossovers- one established of 12 reps

Pek dek- one established of 12 reps

Go from one particular training to the subsequent with negligible rest.

Alternate Pre-Exhaustion

Carry out a compound motion followed by an isolation and compound actions. A good work out with this method for arms is:

Particularly gradual pull-up-one rep only-thirty/thirty cadence

Bicep curl-normal failure established consisting of 10 reps

Pull-up-detrimental only-8, 8-next detrimental reps.

Particularly Sluggish Dip-one rep only-thirty/thirty cadence

Seated triceps extensions -normal failure established of 10 reps

Dip-detrimental only-8, 8 next detrimental reps.

Triple Drop and Rebound Sets

The Triple Drop Set is finished by starting up with a significant pounds, doing a established to failure, decreasing the pounds, doing yet another established to failure, decreasing the pounds a third time and doing a ultimate established to failure.

To do a Rebound Set, do a regular Triple Drop Set then immediately go back and do your starting up (heaviest) pounds once again for a a lot more several reps. Normally you will be capable to get one particular or two reps with it. The motive for this is that the past of the drops utilizes a lighter pounds, which recruits unique muscle mass fibers than what you are utilizing with heavier weights.

By going to failure with a pounds and immediately decreasing the poundage and doing a lot more reps, you entirely exhaust a muscle mass. Selectorized machines are the best software to use with this method thanks to the ease of transforming the pounds.

It is great to have a partner alter the pounds for you immediately after halting mainly because that eliminates the rest between the mini-sets. Remember that a muscle mass recovers fifty% of its energy after only 3 seconds rest.

Isolation/Compound Rebound Sets

Do a Triple Drop Set of an isolation training, e.g. dumbbell flyes, then straight away go back and use your starting up (heaviest) pounds for a established of a compound training for that muscle mass group, e.g. barbell bench push.

This is a variety of highly developed Pre-Exhaust instruction. The concept with Pre-Exhaust instruction is to exhaust your target muscle mass group (in this circumstance the chest), by initially doing the job straight with one particular training (isolation), then doing yet another training that makes use of other muscle mass to aid it (compound).

This improves the depth of the do the job finished by the chest as the aiding muscle mass used for the duration of the compound training will you allow you to coach the chest muscle mass more previous the stage of failure.

By employing a triple-fall established structure for the isolation training you maximize the exhaustion of the target muscle mass, making it possible for you to increase the success of the compound training.

Source by David R Groscup